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Setting Off Checklist

Setting Off Checklist

Your 'Setting Off Checklist'

You can print out this checklist to use when you next venture out with your motorhome.

Here we list some of the things you may need to do when you head off with your motorhome. You might evenconsider laminating your checklist if there’s a chance of rain…

When you leave home the first couple of points may already be covered, but you’ll need to remember themwhen you leave a campsite.

  1. Turn off the gas at the cylinder

  2. Empty the fresh- and waste-water tanks and clean out any toilet cassette in an appropriate place

  3. Check the motorhome’s windows and roof lights are closed, internal doors and cupboards are closed, loads

    are safely secured and the habitation door is locked

  4. Remove any chocks

  5. Disconnect the electric hook-up cable and stow away safely
  6. Pull clear of the pitch and check the area for anything left behind