UHire Motorhomes

Setting Up

Setting Up

Setting up your Motorhome on arrival

Once you have reached your destination you’ll probably want to set up a few things to make life comfortable. Again, you can print this out to take with you on holiday.

  1. When you first arrive on site, ask whether there’s a motorhome service point. If so, you can fill up with water before you reach your pitch.

  2. Once on your pitch, use ramps under the wheels to level your vehicle, if necessary.

  3. Consider chocking the wheels

  4. Wind down the corner steadies if you have any.

    You’re now ready to use your motorhome but there are some final preparations you may want to make before you can really relax. Depending on the complexity of your unit, they may include:

  • Connecting the mains power cable to the motorhome and on to the hook-up point, checking the residual current device (RCD) is working correctly
  • Turning on the fridge
  • Collecting fresh water
  • Positioning the waste water collector
  • Adding toilet tabs
  • Turning on the gas
  • Turning on the water heater when you’re sure it’s full of water